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How to build the life abroad that you want without the struggle?


Every year a lot of talented professionals move abroad to create the life that they imagined. 

International professionals work hard to reach their goals!

What happens when this exciting journey of living abroad becomes a struggle?


And when you struggle, you don’t advance…

The good news is...

The struggle and the emotional pain that comes with it, is an error in thinking

You can change this situation and create the mindset that will support you in this amazing journey.

You are abroad because you saw an exciting future, full of opportunities
You saw how you could grow personally and professionally
You saw how you could build a life on your terms
And you know the potential that you have and how much you can contribute no matter where you are

Now is the time to enjoy all that you have built! … And continue growing

Prepare yourself to be in your top mindset condition for every situation in life… Psych up!

(Psych up: state of psychological readiness for action or performance)

When you act from a place of self-knowledge and awareness…

Every action that you take is a step forward
Every endeavor is a playground to enjoy using your talents
Every inconvenience is an indication to find your path, and it won´t affect you

The future won´t look like a faraway dream but as an actionable blueprint. You will feel stronger and more confident. You will feel that life is a joyful place.

How to stop struggling and start achieving joyful and compassionate success:

I will help you in this journey through 1 on 1 coaching session.

You will be the center of this process. That means that we are going to work on what is relevant for you at the moment. Every coaching process is personal and unique.

This process is a self-knowledge journey where you can discover:

Once you know yourself better, life will feel easier than before. You will be able to make conscious decisions and implement the actions aligned with yourself and with your goals.

The coaching sessions are not only a place of self-reflection but as well a place for strategic thinking.

At the end of the sessions, you will have custom-made action plans designed by you. You will take away from these sessions, inner peace, clarity, and actionable steps to grow.

Achieve the transformation that you strive for.


This is the opinion of those who worked with me

1 on 1 coaching process
I was dealing with this new chapter of my life alongside Margarita and our regular conversations were constant in an otherwise extremely uncertain period. My personal objective was to increase my presence at my workplace and to better structure and strategize my interactions. The information and knowledge shared by Margarita were of great value, extremely insightful and therefore I benefitted from a multitude of perspectives which, on top of everything, were also actionable. This means that I could take action based on our plan, and I could grow during the tough period which pandemic brought.

At the end of our collaboration, I saw a real change in my attitude and in how I was perceived at my workplace, my leadership during the pandemic being acknowledged and recognized as a role model for the team.

I couldn't be happier with this outcome.
Andreea Jora-Boerosu
Transfer pricing and business modeling / Ernst & Young Global Limited expert - Amsterdam
Switch! Intercultural coaching and mentoring processes have been of great value to me. Considering that I am in a stage of changes and new challenges at a professional level, in each session Margarita has supported me helping me to establish clear objectives as well as concrete and realistic action plans.

The space she generates for self-reflection makes one feel very comfortable, and she can make oneself propose ideas and express feelings, through her empowering questions.

And the combination of coaching with stories and mentoring with the proposals of her experience, makes me end up very motivated. I highly recommend participating in Switch! Intercultural programs to all those who want to learn to be aware of their opportunities and grow professionally, but above all, personally.

Thank you so much for everything, Margarita!
Bruno Weitz
Partner Marketing Manager / Global Business Development at Jacobs Douwe Egberts - Utretch
After moving abroad, I encountered work and personal challenges that I found difficult to understand and manage. Margarita helped me to understand my emotions and identify strengths to enjoy new experiences in my new home. The exercises and the sessions were always focused on exploring my feelings, questioning my reality, and building personal tools to overcome fears and challenges. She took the time to listen to my concerns and provided alternatives and examples that were easy to understand and apply. Margarita provided me with different perspectives and helped me to see opportunities where I previously saw obstacles.

At the end of our collaboration, I saw a real change in my attitude and in how I was perceived at my workplace, my leadership during the pandemic being acknowledged and recognized as a role model for the team.

I couldn't be happier with this outcome.
Andrea Pizza
MSc Sustainability and Management
My colleagues have realized the change, I get compliments about my increased confidence and how I handle the office in a difficult time when many people are away from my team.
HR Business Partner
For the first time, I was presented with the opportunity to have a process of help and guidance for my life.

In my first session I felt a little strange and shy to tell everything that was happening to me at that moment, I was confused returning to my home country but Margarita made me feel very comfortable, confident, and sure.

What I liked most about this process was that there was a person who listened to me and did not judge me, that she contributed positive things in the course of all my sessions, I discovered many goals of my life, my values, and strengths.

My greatest learning of this process was to understand that life must be lived every day to the maximum and to live NOW because the future is uncertain. Also, I learned that I am the main author of my life, I must think about myself and my goals. I learned to see things differently and this helped me in my search for a new job.

This process helped me to be aware of my priorities, my dreams, and my goals.

The benefits of following a coaching process with Margarita are: to have a coach who listens to you 100%, this process helps you to see the best path for your life and it is a guide that shows you the best tools to practice in your daily life.
Catalina Rada Trujillo
Corporate Communicator - Cali, Colombia
My name is Estefanía Zárate Angarita, I was born and raised in Bogotá D.C, - Colombia, I currently reside in Aarhus - Denmark, and I have lived in Europe for the past 5 years. In 2019, I got enrolled in a European, inter-cultural experience in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where Dr. Margarita Lourido led a workshop about growth and personal development for migrants.

I could immediately resonate with her experience as a Colombian woman living in Europe and her knowledge triggered in me immense self-reflection and inner work. Her intuition is strong and she connected with me from a warm-hearted place, she could see I could benefit from the tools she could share with me... and I certainly did.

We had our first session at a moment in my journey of those we could call "low tides". I was struggling to navigate the job market in Denmark, I had recently accomplished my Master's degree and my financial and legal instability and uncertainty were a constant ticking clock in my mind. With Margarita, I learned key information and tools that helped me to ground and succeed. Since then, she has been genuinely interested in supporting my growth and we have developed a trustful and fruitful relationship.
Estefanía Zárate Angarita
Journalist and Reporter - Latin America and the Nordics
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