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Hi, I'm Margarita!

“I believe that international professionals have extraordinary talents that deserve to be used to fulfill their potential and to enjoy life”

I lived, studied, and worked in several countries. I am the founder of Switch Intercultural and work as a success psychologist for internationals, facilitating their maximum personal and professional development.

I promote what I call “Compassionate and Joyful Success” because, for me, there is no success without taking care of yourself and being your authentic self.

I am passionate about using my knowledge and life experience to support international professionals who decide they’re going to write their own stories. The people who know deep down that they can make a great impact on this world, the ones who decide their aspirations are going to take them far from home.

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Around the world, there are many opportunities. Work, business, study, and joyful life opportunities. I contribute to your development by helping you get closer to these opportunities and enabling you to achieve your goals.

My mission is to accelerate you on your path to success and help you to unleash your full potential. In short: “Your success is my mission.”
Through training and individual coaching, I help international professionals reach their maximum personal and professional development, addressing topics such as:

Cultural adjustment

To help you to feel at home and find opportunities in your country of residence

Personal development

To help you overcome obstacles, discover what motivates you and what is the best path for you

High performance

To help you productively achieve your goals, maximizing your results, and experiencing a balanced life

Success design

To help you create a vision for your success, define your next step, and keep growing towards your goals


This is the opinion of those who worked with me

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Margarita Lourido (...), I was surprised how well structured and effective our sessions were. Her approach is personalized; goal-oriented and helped me find clarity in identifying my goals, obstacles, and personal abilities. Thanks to her sessions, I found the motivation and the resources to overcome a difficult moment and to accomplish an objective I have struggled with for more than 2 years. (...) I would recommend her sessions to anyone who needs guidance towards reaching their goals or wants to overcome either professional or personal difficulties (...)
Ioana Jora-Boerosu
Resident doctor / Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy - București, Romania
The coaching with Margarita allowed me to make a stop on the way and to take a moment of reflection. This allowed me to see my goals, my strengths, and my weaknesses more clearly and to work to improve those aspects that slowed me down in my path to success.
Oscar Leonel Rueda Ochoa
Medical doctor Ph.D. / Erasmus University Medical Center - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Margarita, I want to express my appreciation for your valuable coaching. For me, it represented a beautiful guided journey to my inner being. A journey of discovery, observation, and analysis in which with your help I got to know myself better and grew as a person.

What I liked the most was that it is a very practical process and that each session allows you to deepen and discover new possibilities that you can implement immediately in your life.

In my case, after completing the coaching process I managed to correct completely the situation that was the main objective to work on this process. I developed the ability to identify similar situations and found the tools to handle them.

I even got an additional benefit that I was not even looking for: with your help I was able to clearly define the mission of my "ART with PURPOSE" business, using my passion for art, my profession as an Industrial Designer, and my desire to contribute to society. It is an experience I would recommend to anyone going through a situation where you do not see an exit, this journey helps you discover the way to find the solution.
Johanna Martínez
Artist, Industrial designer, Marketing specialist - Hilversum, The Netherlands
The Coaching sessions with Margarita were a revealing experience. I started the coaching sessions without knowing very well what to expect and I ended up feeling happy. From the first session, I felt heard and it was very nice to feel that another person wants to work with you to help you achieve your own goals. Working on my goals and looking for answers within me was the most enriching task of the coaching process. Not only did I learn how to use time more effectively, how to study and work cleverly, but I also discovered resources and qualities that I have and I did not know about. I can use what I learned during these sessions at an academic level, in my life, and my relationship. I want to thank Margarita immensely. (...)
Andrea Patricia Cortes
Medical Doctor
For the first time, I was presented with the opportunity to have a process of help and guidance for my life.

In my first session I felt a little strange and shy to tell everything that was happening to me at that moment, I was confused returning to my home country but Margarita made me feel very comfortable, confident, and sure.

What I liked most about this process was that there was a person who listened to me and did not judge me, that she contributed positive things in the course of all my sessions, I discovered many goals of my life, my values, and strengths. My greatest learning of this process was to understand that life must be lived every day to the maximum and to live NOW because the future is uncertain. Also, I learned that I am the main author of my life, I must think about myself and my goals. I learned to see things differently and this helped me in my search for a new job.

This process helped me to be aware of my priorities, my dreams, and my goals.

The benefits of following a coaching process with Margarita are: to have a coach who listens to you 100%, this process helps you to see the best path for your life and it is a guide that shows you the best tools to practice in your daily life.
Catalina Rada Trujillo
Corporate Communicator - Cali, Colombia
I did a coaching process with Margarita. Her integral approach, when dealing with expats, definitely makes a difference.

She is an outstanding professional, one reason is, she helps not only you to analyze your reality as a migrant or expat (with a different pair of glasses), but also helps you improve different areas in your life, to move forward. Did you move from abroad? I highly recommend you to work with her. I am looking forward to working with her in the future too.
Maricela Vásquez
OPEX Project Manager - The Hague, The Netherlands
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