Psychologist for the success of international professionals
Founder of Switch Intercultural

Hi, I'm Margarita!

My story

You could say that I’m curious, enthusiastic, and a personal evolution junkie. I love looking for clarity because I know that when growth and excellence are born, they look like chaos and confusion. 

I see life as a playground where you unavoidably find success every time that you decide to enjoy your path toward a clear vision and take care of yourself first. I call this “Compassionate and Joyful Success”.


I am an international professional like you

Why did I move abroad? I wanted the freedom to do things differently. I wanted to write my story on my terms.

For over 20 years I have lived, studied, and worked in different countries (Colombia, United States, Spain, and the Netherlands). In each unknown country, I had to learn an unfamiliar language, a new work culture, and learn which behaviors were socially accepted.

And I know internationals are ambitious professionals, hard workers, self-sufficient, and they want and enjoy bringing their experience and skills to the table.

Today I dream about how international professionals can create a better world while expressing their full potential. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to support talented people who decide they’re going to write their own stories. People that are passionate about growth, the ones that decided their careers and aspirations are going to take them far from home.

My job is:

Know where you are and know your vision

Facilitate your self-knowledge to understand and get the best of your abilities and talents

Identify blockages and help you to overcome obstacles

Support you to create an accelerated and strategical path to achieve your goals

Accompany you to discover your full potential

My unique gift for you

My unique gift for you is to combine working with coaching tools and be able to have a wide and clear perspective provided by my experience and knowledge as a clinical psychologist. Clients that had coaching experiences before, notice that my coaching process is deeper than others.

Create the transformation that you want to see in your life!

My methodology

Your own growing process is my priority


Understand your situation

To be able to grow and to know which one is your next level is fundamental that you can understand where you are right now

You will find that many people with their best intentions will come to you with great advice and solutions … that don’t work for you. That happens when someone doesn’t understand in detail your current situation to help you to find solutions. In these cases, this help will feel like a scary and imposed task to do. And you won’t take action if is not relevant to you.

For this reason, the first step in this coaching process is to fill in an Application Form or to have a Clarity Session. The goal of this session is to understand your current situation and your needs. To reach what you want, you need to implement impactful actions at the right moment. When you design your next step to grow taking into account where you are, your talents, and your resources, it will feel like a natural and easy step to take.


Understand your vision and help you to create your path

If you work hard every day but you don’t see the results that you want, it is time to review your vision and create the path that will take you to the place that you want to be.

Stop being frustrated, stop the struggle, and start implementing strategic solutions with ease.

This is a process of deep self-reflection and openness. The blueprint of your success can be different from what you initially imagined. Often clients realize that they were chasing the wrong goals, and that is why they could not reach the experiences that they really desired. 

Design your life from a new perspective and achieve compassionate and joyful success.


Help you to overcome obstacles

Once you know your path to success, it is important to identify and overcome obstacles in your way.

As a Ph.D. in Psychology, with extensive experience in research, I ground my work on the theories and methods that have proven to be relevant and effective in these areas.

In my experience there are two types of obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals:

  •  Knowledge gap: There is something that you don’t know and need to know to help you achieve your goals.
  •  Internal barriers: Having beliefs that inhibit your potential and limit the decisions that you make in life.

We all face obstacles, we all make mistakes when we are on our path to success. For this reason, Switch Intercultural creates safe spaces (judgment-free) to grow.

My education

Regular training and courses on various subjects: Coaching in Organizations, Master Presenter, learning styles, entrepreneurship/business, leadership, creativity, goal setting, among others.

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