As a Ph.D. in Psychology, with an extensive experience in research, I ground my work on the theories and methods that have proven to be relevant and effective in these areas.

In my experience there are two types of obstacles preventing people from achieving their goals:

  • Knowledge gap: There is something that you don´t know and need to know in order to help you achieve your goals.
  • Internal barriers: Having beliefs that inhibit your potential and limit the decisions that you make in life.

For these reasons, Switch! Intercultural works with the principles and tools of coaching and facilitates training on specific topics related to intercultural, professional and personal development.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a personalized, confidential and non-directive process in which the coach facilitates and guides the client through identifying their goals and creates a bridge between the place where they are and the place where they want to be.

Through the process of coaching, people are able to deepen their learning through self-discovery, improve their performance and ultimately improve their quality of life.

(Crearte Coaching Manual, 2016)

Why do follow a Coaching Process abroad?

Often people arrive in a country with a specific goal to reach and with a limited timeframe in which to achieve it. At your arrival you can find new personal and professional challenges, for example:

  • it is difficult to adapt to the new culture and work environment
  • the language is a barrier for you
  • you feel alone and isolated
  • you feel that you have too much to do
  • even things such as different weather conditions can become a hassle in your daily life

All these situations can become complications that you have to face when you’re working towards achieving your goals. This is not only exhausting but can become overwhelming.

Coaching helps you overcome difficulties and enables you to find opportunities in the problems that may arise. It allows you to optimize your talents and to increase your performance level.

Work for the goals that you want and that you deserve!

What other benefits does coaching bring?

Julie Starr (2011) quoted the benefits of coaching, which have been widely acknowledged. In a survey conducted by the Association Resources Centre and PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2165 coaching clients, from 64 countries reported improvement in the following aspects of their lives:

  • Self-esteem 80%
  • Job performance by 70%
  • Interpersonal Relations 73%
  • Interpersonal skills 71%
  • Communication skills 72%

Starr, J. (2011). The coaching manual: the definitive guide to the process, principles and skills of personal coaching. 3rd Ed. Pearson Education Limited, UK